Architect – Visionary – Artist

Vjenceslav Richter (b. 1917 Omilje, d. 2002 Zagreb) graduated in 1949 from the Technical Faculty in Zagreb (Today: Faculty of Architecture). Already during his studies he was intensively involved in the planning and construction of all kinds of exhibition pavilions, which would become his main occupation. Designing these pavilions gave him ample opportunity to experiment and his projects were always innovative. This is how he got to know the artists Ivan Picelj and Aleksander Srnec. The three formed the core of what would later become the EXAT 51. In addition to artists, this group also included architects, designers and theorists, and strove for a synthesis of all art forms, both applied and purely aesthetic. Their frequent meetings and discussions opened the way to contemporary art and new experimental art forms. Vjenceslav Richter played a special role in all this, as he devoted his entire creative life to his ultimate goal: the exploration of new art forms and the synthesis between architecture, visual arts and sculpture. His most famous motto was: ‘As long as there are studios in which to experiment, EXAT will remain alive, wherever that may occur.’ Richter’s concern for the livability of our modern cities led to the pioneering ‘Systemic urbanism’. A total concept with a clear vision of the future of people and society.

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